Podcast for global tech brand

During 2021, I was responsible for sourcing a host, finding and securing guests and writing script outlines for four pilot episodes of a podcast for a major global technology company.

I presented regular updates to the client, pitching options, and was authorised to make budgetary decisions and offer contracts.

The topic was a major sociological shift that was having a major impact on the way businesses operated.


A global tech brand


Research, write and shape four pilot podcast episodes.


This project called for a host with a major international presence and the right combination of charisma and authority. Guests were required that had specific, candid, authentic personal stories, and who weren’t simply selling a party line or telling well-rehearsed anecdotes. By conducting countless interviews over several weeks, I was able to find stories that had exactly the right combination of elements, and that shed light on the macro-trend we were exploring.


April-June 2021