I have written regularly about space exploration and development since 2017, regularly reporting on news and trends in the US, UK and the rest of Europe, and interviewing CEOs, startup founders and policy experts.

I co-create blog posts on space industry news and trends for the investment group Space Angels. Among the topics I’ve researched and written about are:

I also co-wrote a downloadable e-book for Space Angels: The Definitive Career Guide for Entrepreneurial Space

“It’s still a mystery what happens inside black holes, where spacetime is warped to an incomprehensible degree.”

It was a pleasure to write about the world’s first unsimulated image of a black hole for Open Skies magazine.


I reported on investment trends in entrepreneurial aerospace for the inaugural print issue of Hacking Finance, a publication by the financial services firm Anthemis. The package of articles and infographics was published in late 2018.


Great Barrier Island, off the coast of New Zealand, is a Dark Sky Sanctuary and one of the best spots for stargazing on Earth. I travelled there in January 2019 to report for Open Skies magazine, on viewing rainbow-coloured stars, nearby galaxies and Maori constellations with astronomy experts Good Heavens.

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I interviewed space policy expert Dr Jill Stuart about the new space race and the international laws governing space for Shawati’ magazine.


I wrote for The National on new commercial applications for satellite data in the Middle East.



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