Roller skating

Photo by Ella Brolly, May 2020

I’ve been skating ramps and bowls on my roller skates since 2014 and I played roller derby for an internationally competitive team between 2006 and 2013.

In 2020, I was featured as a roller skater in a music video for the band Dream Nails.

I’ve also written articles on skating, including:

Red Bulletin, Mar 2021, United Skates

I interviewed a new generation of London roller skaters who are pushing forward what’s possible in the scene. Featuring Ayy Skates, Skate With Sis, Watch My Wheels and Skate Tingz.

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Huck, Nov 2020, Amir Bacchus-Marquis

I wrote a cover story for Huck magazine on jam skater
Amir Bacchus-Marquis and his efforts to keep his community thriving through lockdown.

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Staple Gun issues 1-4, Jan-Nov 2020

In January 2020, I co-created a quarterly zine about ramp skating called Staple Gun with Julie Day and interviewed skaters from around the world, including:

Huck, Feb 2017, Roller Derby Beirut

I reported from Lebanon on Roller Derby Beirut, focusing on displaced Yemeni student and skater Hadeel Hassan.

The story was adapted into a short film that appeared on the National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase and The Atlantic’s Editors’ Picks and went viral online.

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